Meet the (N)Solstorms Cats


About Atlas

S*Crazy Tails Atlas


Colour: SIB n 09 24

Born: 18.04.2018

Mother: Unke Wild Taiga*CZ

Father: Chubar Angara*RU





HCM: Normal 22.02.19

PKD-def negative

Bloodtype Bloodtype A or AB. Does not carry bloodtype B


Carries dillution

Carries non-agouty

Does not carry chocolate or cinnamon


My Cats DNA


Atlas is our beautiful and kind new boy from Sweden.


He has a russian father and a Chez mother, and brings new lines to my cattery and breeding. Atlas is a large, kind and very charming boy and I am very happy and thankful to Sanna for letting him be a part of the (N)Solstorms family.


I and my friend and co-worker Heidi (NO*Sjarmkatten) is co-owning this boy and he is living in a fosterhome in Harstad.



Acheivements and plans


4 x NOM

1 x BIV