Leonardo Siberian Sapphire

SIB ds 24

SC (N)Solstorms Magda - min Midtsommernattsdrøm JW DVM

Leos first litter was with my beautiful Magda. This was a long awaited litter!! 

They had three beautiful baby girls and two handsome boys on May 21. 2019

(N)Solstorms Crazy Cat Lady, SIB fs 09 24 - For sale

(N)Solstorms CUL8R Alligater, SIB ns 24 - Sold

(N)Solstorms Call me Sugar, SIB fs 09 24, Sold

(N)Solstorms Catch & Release-Terje, SIB ds 09 24, Sold

(N)Solstorms Chippewa Dreamcatcher, SIB f 24, Staying