Meet the (N)Solstorms Cats


About Hope

S*AceroRamos Hope

Colour: SIB f 24

Born 18.08.17

Mother: S*Magica De Vil´s Kiisa

Father: S*AceroRamos Memphis

PK-def negative

Bloodtype A or AB. Does not carry bloodtype B

cs-gene negative

Does not carry dillution

Homozygot on pattern. Has spotted pattern

Does not carry chocolate or cinnamon

Our little Hope! This little girl is so welcome to my breeding.

Hope brings fresh new lines to my breeding and I am very happy with her pedigree. She is wonderful. Her coat quality, ears, forehead, profile and look is sooo "SIBERIAN". I love her 

Hope is living in a fosterhome and will be shown every now and then.

Picture to the right: Hope and fostermum meeting for the first time <3



1 x NOM