Meet the (N)Solstorms Cats


About Leo

Leonardo Siberian Sapphire


Colour: SIB ds 11


Mother: Penny Krasnyj Jar

Father: Norbert Siberian Sapphire



Pedigree w/pictures




HCM: Not tested yet

PKD-def negative

Bloodtype Bloodtype A or AB. Does not carry bloodtype B


Carries golden

Does not carry dillution

Does not carry non-agouty

Does not carry chocolate or cinnamon


My cats DNA


Leo... our new "silver shadow" is sweet like candy floss. He is such a beautiful little boy and I am extremely happy to have been given the chanse to buy him. If everything goes as planned I will enter him into my breeding program in the future.


Leo brings new lines into my breeding, and will hopefully be a valuable contribution to my silver combinatons in particular.


Leo is very curious and talkative. And his temperament is sooooooo loving! He knows he is a male, but forgets most of the time. He is wonderful.


Thanx alot Irina



Acheivements and plans


Not shown yet