IC (N)Solstorms Magda - min Midtsommernattsdr√łm JW

SIB f 09


CH Iceman Dynamiittievich Tsarskije Usy

SIB as 09 24

Magda will meet a handsome Italian in 2017. His name is Iceman. This will be Icemans only litter outside S*SnowBuddies Cattery. Thanx so much Carola at SE*SnowBuddies. Also many thanx to Anna Rosalda at Tsarskije Usy. It means a lot!

S*Snow Buddies Dodge Shadow

SIB g 09


(N)Solstorms King of Hearts

SIB d 22

These two young siberians will meet in late 2017. Shadow is living in Sortland with co-owner Heidi (NO*Sjarmkattens), and the kittens will be born and grow up there which means they will get used to children and dogs. Thank you sooo much Heidi :)


I am interested in a fosterhome for a kitten from this combination, if you are interested please contact me.



CH (N)Solstorms Kitty Purry

SIB ns 03

(N)Solstorms Moi Moi Matti

SIB d 09

The plan is to mate Kitty Purry and Matti late 2017 when Matti gets old enough. A dream combination :)