CH (N)Solstorms King of Hearts

SIB d 22

CH (N)Solstorms Kitty Purry

SIB ns 03

Kitty Purry has met our own Hearts. She is a very sweet female and give good kittens so I am hopeful for this mating. Thanx to fosterhomes for help and support.


IC (N)Solstorms Magda - min Midtsommernattsdrøm JW

SIB f 09

Magda dissaponted us again and is not pregnant with her beautiful date. He is now neutered and she has been sarching for a new handsome date. We think we have deceded on a plan for her and hopefully mating will happen summer 2018. More info later.


CH (N)CarilloCat May Defender

SIB ns 24


(N)Solstorms Ashoka Tano

SIB f 09 24

Ashoka will meet handsome "Pepsi" as soon as she starts calling and I am very thankful to Marielle Deiler for letting us use him for a mating.


I am planning to keep a male from this mating and am looking for a fosterhome