(N)Solstorms Cats in breeding and show

This page is dedicated to (N)Solstorms Cats sold to breeding and/or Show.


They have all made me proud


I am trying to follow up on titles, show results and HCM-results, but the information may be lacking in some cases.






SW'17 (N)Solstorms Kiitos Tiina


Sold to cattery NO*Fredtun


1 x BIV

3 x NOM

1 x BIS


Title: Scandinavian Winner


(N)Solstorms Queen of Charm


Sold to Cattery NO*Sjarmkatten


2 x BIV

1 x NOM

(N)Solstorms P.S. I Love You


Sold to cattery NO*Perfect Lady's



2 x NOM

1 x BIS


CH (N)Solstorms From Russia With Love


Sold to cattery NO*Sjarmkatten's


2 x NOM


Title: Champion

CH (N)Solstorms Primrose


Sold to Cattery S*gullåkras


2 x NOM


Title: Champion

SC (N)Solstorms Isak Taiganov


Sold to Cattery NO*Tundrapaw's


2 x NOM

3 x BIV


HCM: Normal in January 2010, Normal in June 2011, Normal in June 2012  and normal in February 2013

(N)Solstorms Sirocco of Gré des Vents


Sold to cattery au Gré des Vents in Montreal/Canada


Title: CCA Champion


Made 2 rings all breed 9th best and 10th best and 1 ring longhair 3rd best

At his first catshow in Canada



(N)Solstorms Sommerfuggel i Vinterland


Sold to Cattery NO*Lysefjordens


2 x NOM



(N)Solstorms Darkside of the Sun


Sold to Cattery NO*Blåbykatten


1 x BIV


HCM tested: July 2011: Normal