Meet the (N)Solstorms Cats



KKMN 09.07.16

- Ex. 2

Ashoka is not shown


About Ashoka Tano

(N)Solstorms Ashoka Tano

Colour: SIB f 09 24

Born: 02.02.2016

Mother: (N)Solstorms Madam Mim

Father: (N)Solstorms Casper - the Friendly Ghost

HCM normal november 2017

PK Deficiency normal (DNA-test)

cs-gene negative (DNA-test)

Mother of B2-litter

We kept this colour explotion of a kitten from Madam Mim and Caspers litter. She is staying in a fosterhome close to Oslo with a wonderful family and a few pet devons.

Ashoka is a wonderful and kind little cat and I am SO happy I have the opportunity to include her in my breeding programme.