IC (N)Gaupekatten's Frøken Norge, SIB ns

Bagheera, 1,5 year General:

Date of Birth: 26.01.07
Shire: Rossity Sheldon*RU, SIB ns
Dam: CH S*Knjaze Zabava Krasa, SIB n


Bloodtype A
December 17th 2008: Normal
January 14th 2010: Normal
June 19th 2012: Normal

Pedigree and genetics:
Colourpoint (cs-gene): non carrier (DNA tested)
Dillution Carrier (DNA-tested)
Not carrier of bloodtype B (DNA-tested)

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Plans and Results


- Isak 
- B litter

Bagheera is one of an all blacksmoke litter of three from (N)Gaupekatten's Cattery in the south of Norway. Her father is from the famous Rossity-cattery in Russia, and her mother is actually one of the first sibirians in Norway.

Bagheera has lovely ears and a wonderful excpression. She is quite strongly buildt. She has a very full coat, with very distinctive silver. She also has the most wonderful green eyes.

Bagheera is a Fife International Champion. In march 2008 she had a tiny litter with only one kitten. He is a breedingmale in NO*Tundrapaws Cattery. Bagheera did not like to be part of a cattery, and has now moved to a fosterhome where she will get all the love and attention she needs.

IC (N)Gaupekatten's Frøken Norge

IC (N)Gaupekatten's Frøken Norge at 1,5 years old IC (N)Gaupekatten's Frøken Norge with my daughter Therese

Made by: Sissel Johansen