Meet the (N)Solstorms Cats


About Dankert-Anna

(N)Solstorms Dankert-Anna

Colour: SIB g 09 22

Born 17.11.2019

Mother: Gulla Colour Foot*PL

Father: S*Crazy Tails Atlas

Pedigree w/photos

HCM - not tested yet

PK def - negative

Bloodtype A

cs-gene negative

Dankert-Anna is my new princess from a combination of two of my new cats. And she is gorgeous. She has her mothers size and her fathers ear placement. And her purrsonality is really wonderful

Dankert-Anna is my cat completely. When I get up in the moring she comes running to be the first to get cuddles. And she is purring like a tractor. I love her 



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