(N)Solstorms Former breeding cats

This page is dedicated to our former breeding cats.

They all make up part of the (N)Solstorms history and deserves a tribute.

This page holds so many dear memories to me.

Some of my cats have been rehomed after finishing their breeding carriere, but many have been living in loving fosterhomes. We have so many people to thank for their co-operation.

Some of our fosterhomes has started their own breeding and a couple of the girls has gone info their breeding programme.

Hope has had two wonderful litters in our cattery,.

From her first litter we kept (N)Solstorms Holder du af Mig Bjjørnstjerne on a fosterhome agreement.

From her last litter we kept little Cellini. A purrfect little girl. Her sister and one brother also went into breeding in other catteries. 

Hope is mother to our H2 and J2-litters

Atlas had 3 litters in our cattery. 

He stayed with Maria and her family, and was co-owned with NO*Sjarmkatten Cattery. He is now neutered and lives with Maria as a pet. 

Atlas has some offsprings in breeding. One male in Sweden, and 2 females in Norway. I have also kept 2 of his kittens and NO*Sjarmkatten has kept some from her own litters. 

Atlas is a very beautiful and kind male, so I am glad his genes are now spread a bit around Scandinavia.

Atlas is father to our D2, E2 and F2 litters  

SC (N)Solstorms Magda - min Midtsommernattsdrøm JW DVM

Magda had 4 litters in our cattery and from these 4 we kept 3 kittens for breeding; (N)Solstorms Sheldor of Azeroth, (N)Solstorms Moi Moi Matti and (N)Solstorms Chippewa Dreamcatcher. 

We have also sold a few to other catteries in Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. 

Magdas daughter (N)Solstorms Kiitos Tiina became Scandinavian Winner!

Magda is neutered and will stay with us. 

She is mother of our W, Æ, Ø and C2-litters

(N)Solstorms Moi Moi Matti, SIB d 09

Matti had 2 litters in our cattery and one litter at NO*Sjarmkatten cattery. We kept wonderful (N)Solstorms Bali Chamba in our breeding. (N)Solstorms Bayangi is in a swedish cattery and (N)Solstorms Bakoko has been sold to Australia.

From the NO*Sjarmkatten-litter, NO*Sjarmkatten Neitiri stayed in her cattery.

Matti is father of Ø and Å litters

(N)Solstorms Sheldor of Azeroth, SIB n 24

Had 2 litters in our cattery. From one of these litters we kept (N)Solstorms King of Hearts in a fosterhome. His sister (N)Solstorms Queen of Hearts is sold for breeding to NO*Sjarmkattens cattery and half sister (N)Solstorms Feeling Blue is sold for breeding to S*Mavibos cattery.

He is father to our Y and Z-litters

(N)Solstorms Madam Mim, SIB f 24

had one litter in our cattery. From a litter of five we kept (N)Solstorms Ashoka Tano in a fosterhome

She is mother of our X-litter

(N)Solstorms Bella Notta, SIB ns

had one litter in Our cattery. From her litter I am keeping (N)Solstorms Kitty Purry.

She is mother to Our V litter

IC (N)Neofelis Naboo, SIB n 24

had two littes in our cattery, all in all 4 kittens. Her kittens have all been sold as pets.  We wanted to keep a kitten from Naboo because of her wonderful coatquality, but it didn't happen. We are happy to keep her lines trough other close relatives.

She is mother to our P and S litter

Out handsome Leo only had 1 litter in our cattery. 

He stayed with me until he was around 1 year and then he moved into a fosterhome in Norway. He now lives as a pet in Norway

Due to corona and closed borders I had to neuter him before I could use him for breeding again. It is sad for so many reasons, but nobody could foresee corona. 

We kept a girl from Leo, one was sold for breeding in Sweden and one boy went to Switzerland as a breeding male. 

Leo is father to our C2-litter

(N)Solstorms Ashoka Tano, SIB f 09 24

Ashoka had one litter in our cattery. She was fostered by Linda and family and had her litter in their home. From that litter (N)Solstorms Blairwhich was sold for breeding to NO*Tjeldsunds Cattery and will be their first breeding female.

Ashoka is now neutered and will stay with Linda as a pet.

Ashoka is mother of our B2-litter

SC (N)Solstorms Instant Karma of Summer, SIB f 24

Karma had 4 litters in our cattery. From these we kept (N)Solstorms Magda - min Midtsommernattsdrøm JW and CH (N)Solstorms King of Hearts.

We sold (N)Solstorms Primrose, (N)Solstorms Baba Yaga and (N)Solstorms Queen of Charm for breeding.

Karma is mother of litter L, N, T, Z

(N)Solstorms Casper - the Friendly Ghost, SIB n 03 24

had one litter in our cattery. From his litter we kept (N)Solstorms Ashoka Tano in a fosterhome

He is father to our X-litter

S*Lubov Sibiri Pande Bolchov, SIB n 09

had Three litters in Our cattery. From his first litter (N)Solstorms Baba Yaga moved to S*Epigon's Cattery in Sweden. From his second we kept (N)Solstorms Casper the friendly Ghost in a foster home, and from his Third we kept (N)Solstorms Kitty Purry who is staying with me.

He is father to Our T, U and V litters

S*Laxforsens Perfect Lady SiRa, SIB n 24

had two litters in Our cattery. From the "love-litter" two Girls were sold for breeding. (N)Solstorms From Russia With Love is living in NO*Sjarmkatten Cattery and (N)Solstorms P.S. I Love You is living in NO*Perfect Lady Cattery. We kept (N)Solstorms Casper - the Friendly Ghost from her last litter.

She is mother to Our Q and U litters

IC Ducati Xann od Krolowych*PL, SIB ny 24

had two litters in Our cattery. From his first litter (N)Solstorms Primrose went to S*Gullåkras Cattery, and from his second litter I kept (N)Solstorms Madam Mim for my own breeding.

He is father to our N and O-litter

(N)Snurribart's Sonja, SIB f 24

had only one litter in our cattery. In the future she will be a breeding female in a new cattery and lives together With (N)Solstorms From Russia With Love Sonja have some interesting lines we were very eager to keep in our cattery, so we kept (N)Solstorms Madam Mim from her litter.

She is mother to our O litter

IC FIN*Lumikissan X-Cellent, SIB n 09 24

had 3 litters in our cattery.  We have kept his beautiful daughter, our dreamgirl, Magda in our cattery and his son Bårr in a fosterhome. One of his boys is also sold for breeding to a cattery in Canada. 

Teddy is father to our K, L and M litters. He also has some litters ourside our cattery.

SC FIN*Amante's King of Taiga, SIB n 23

was our breedingmale until he was 4 years. He also had 4 litters outside our cattery. His daughters (N)Solstorm's Instant Karma of Summer is staying with us, we also have two girls he fathered in other catteries. Taigas has kittens in breeding at NO*Tundrapaws, NO*Blåbykatten, (N)Neofelis, av Holskogen(N), S*Lince's and S*Zimas.

He is father to Our G-litter, H-litter and I-litter.

He also had kittens at (N)Neofelis, av Holskogen(N), NO*Fredtun and S*Laxforsen's

IC (N)Gaupekattens Frøken Norge, SIB ns

had two litters in Our cattery. SC (N)Solstorms Isak Taiganov from her first litter is a breedingmale at NO*Tundrapaw's cattery, and I have kept (N)Solstorms Bella Notte from her second litter for my own breeding.

She is mother to our H and R litters

(N)Solstorm Bårr i Bekkmørtna, SIB n 24

had 3 litters in our cattery.  We have kept two of his daughters in our cattery and one daughter is living in cattery NO*Perfect Lady.

Bårris is father to our QR and S litters.

S*Ja Znaju Cherryblossom Snowstorm, SIB n 02 22

had two litters in our cattery. We wanted to keep a girl from Sherry, but of course she had other plans and only had boys in her litters. Luckily we were able to find a fosterhome for her beautiful son in her first litter so we can keep her lines in our breeding. She is now owned by her fostermum and will live a happy life there as a neuter. One of her boys went to Canada as a breeding male

She is mother to our M and K-litters

CH S*Ja Znaju Bentley Azure, SIB n 09 24

we  dreamt of having a kitten with her and SC (N)Solstorms Isak Taiganov for us to keep. She and Isak produced a litter of three lovely kittens of good type, but sadly all three of her kittens were silver, so we decided not to keep any of them. Tussi will stay in her fosterhome at cattery NO*Tundrapaws.

She is mother to our J-litter

IC S*Kazol's Bissan JW, SIB f 09 24

was sadly diagnosed with HCM so she was taken out of our breeding programme. But Bissan and Taiga had their own plans, and Bissan had an unexpected litter of kittens. All her kittens were sold as pets.

She is mother to our G-litter

(N)Krokstranda's Ariel, SBI b

was our third birman, and a dream mother. She took such good care of her kittens (and other kittens as well), and was very protective of them. In her C-litter we kept one girl from her to breed. She had wonderful type, and we were looking very much forward to breeding her. But sadly she developed a heart murmor so we did not breed her after all.

Ariel is mother to our B-litter, C-litter and E-litter

IC S*Francesca's Gucci, SBI e

was our first breeding male. He was imported from Sweden and was a wonderful boy. I kept his dauter, the girl in this pic, for breeding. She has wonderful type! But sadly she developed a heart murmor, and she was neutered. One of his sons was sold to Holland for breeding.

He was father of our C-litter, D-litter, E-litter

IC (N)CarilloCat Lucky Day, SIB ds 02 

was our high white dream. Sadly just had one litter in our cattery, three girls of strong type. Her daughter Karma is staying with us, and we are very happy to keep one of Summers daughters in our breeding. Her other two girls are sold to catteries in Norway.

She is mother to our I-litter

IC S*Ja Znaju Aztii Afanasievna, SIB n 24

was our first siberian and made us fall in love with the siberian breed for real. She had a litter in our cattery and we kept one of her girls in a fosterhome to breed, but she didn't develope like we wanted so we decided not to breed her after all. One of Aztiis sons went to a cattery as a stud, but for personal reasons the breeder stopped breeding for a while and decided to neuter him before he was bred.

Aztii is mother to our F-litter

IC Ninja av Khanikatt(N), SBI d

was our first breeding female. She also was our wonderful red dream girl. Ninja had bloodgroup B, so she was a little hard to breed from, but I learned a lot from her. I kept the only girl from Ninjas first litter, but she did not develope as I wanted so she was neutered and is now living with my mother.

She is mother of our A-litter and Our D-litter