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About Hearts

IC (N)Solstorms King of Hearts

Colour: SIB d 22

Born 30.09.16

Mother: GIC (N)Solstorms Instant Karma of Summer, SIB f 24

Father: (N)Solstorms Sheldor of Azeroth, SIB n 24

HCM normal 01.11.17 and 11.12.18

PK Deficiency normal (DNA-test)

cs-gene negative (DNA-test)

Carries full colour (DNA-test)

Carries dillution (DNA-test)

Father of A2-litter

Hearts is a boy from a litter of six after Karma and Sheldor both from my own breeding.

Hearts stood out early in the litter and since I already had a foster family who waited for a boy I was able to keep this handsome boy. I am so happy and greatful about that!

Hearts lives in Harstad with a small family and their neutered korat female. According to them he is the most fantastic cat on earth. He has fathered a few litters and given beautiful kittens!

He is now fully owned by fosterparents Marie and Marius. Thank you so much for co-operation, friendship, help and for loving Hearts as much as he deserves.



Title:International  Champion

1 x BIS (junior)

1 x Best Club Cat

3 x NOM (adult)

5 x BIV