Meet the (N)Solstorms Cats


About Karmen 

Karmen Colour Foot*PL

Colour: SIB f 09


Mother: Hope Colour Foot*PL

Father: Enisey Siberian Sapphire

Pedigree w/photos

HCM negative september 2020

PKD negative september 2020

Karmen.... our little surprise.

I did not plan to buy more cats, but when Karmen was still availible at 6 months I just had to buy her.

Karmen is from the same cattery as Gulla, but not too closely related. Her father is from the same cattery as Leo, but also he is not too closely related. It will be interesting to get to know even more new bloodlines.

Karmen  has a very tough look that I like, and it will be very interesting to see how she developes. She will live in a fosterhome, so I am not sure if she will be shown. Maybe a bit. 

Thank you again Magdalena, for this little surprise treasure. We will take good care of her. 



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