Meet the (N)Solstorms Cats


About Karma

SC (N)Solstorms Instant Karma of Summer

Colour: SIB f 24

Born: 12.03.2010

Mother: IC (N)CarilloCat Lucky Day

Father: SC FIN*Amante's King of Taiga

HCM normal 2011, 2014 and 2016

cs-gene negative

Carries classic tabby and full color

Mother of litter L, N, T, Z

Karma is one of three girls from our "Tokio Hotel-litter".

From birth she was really special, but I wanted a kitten w/white, so little Karma was ment to go abroad. Destiny took a different path. We tradically lost our beloved Summer when the little girls were only 9 weeks old, and we just could not let Karma go. Now Karma will stay at home to make some of our hopes and dreams we had for Summer come true.

Karma has chosen me as her person, and she is very cuddly and needs to be close to me. She is such a wonderful little girl, and has stolen my heart completely.

Karma has an excellent head, medium size, excellent coatquality and temperament. She is very special, and I am so happy to keep her at home.

She has given us some wonderful kittens, and we are so happy to keep Magda at home. Primrose from her second litter was sold for  breeding tot S*GullĂ„kras cattery and Baba Yaga lives in S*Epigon's Cattery also in Sweden. From her forth litter we kept Hearts in a fosterhome and Charm is now living in NO*Sjarmkatten's Cattery in Norway



Title: SC  (Supreme Champion)

3 x BIV 

4 x NOM