(N)Solstorm Diamond Litter, Born August 7th 2005


Ninja av Khanikatt(N), SBId gave birth to five kittens during a period of 1 hour and 45 minutes on august 7th. There are tree boys and one girl in this litter. The proud father is S*Rönngårdens Domino, SBIe21

Thanx again Anita, a thousand times, for letting us mate Ninja to your "baby" Dompe. I guess this proves he's not a baby anymore... I know you're as proud of him as I am of my darling Ninja!

Sadly one of the kittens past away on august 9th, before she (I think it was a girl) past away, we gave her a name: (N)Solstorm's Heart of Eternity. We will use different themes to name our kittens, and the theme for this litter is "some of the worlds most famous diamonds" since little kittens are just as precious as diamonds (but not quite as expencive... LOL )

Ninja with Two Days Old Diamond Litter

Ninja with one of the kittens from A litter

12 weeks

(N)Solstorm's Allnatt

Allnatt has moved to a nice family in Tromsø where he has startet a new life as a family pet. He's called Markus in his new home.

Allnatt was shown in Tromsø in july 2006, and despite a really bad first time show-preperation he got a really good judgement. Allnatt has stunningly beautiful eyes! His markings are very at the low limit for shows.

(N)Solstorm's Orlov

Orlov has moved to a young couple in Tromsø where he has started a new life as their family pet. Hopefully he'll attend a few cat shows as well. He's such a big and beautiful cuddle bear! He is called Mauritz in his new home.

Orlov was shown in Tromsø in july 2006. Orlov has such a nice head and size, and a super temperament! His markings are very at the low limit for shows.

(N)Solstorm's Hope

Hope is living with my mother-in-law and father-in-law i Ånäset (Sweden) as their family pet. He is called Safir in his new home.

Safir has not yet been shown in cat shows. He looks very much like his brother Orlov, and I think he too has to the limit-low socks and gauntlets.

(N)Solstorm's Koh-I-Noor

Noora has been neutered and is moving to my grandmother where she will be a beloved pet and companion.

Noora was shown in Tromsø in july 2006. She is a bit out of proportion, and developes slowly. She has exellent eyes and profile. She has good show-marks.

Proud Parents Are: Ninja av Khanikatt(N) and S*Rönngården's Domino

S*Rönngården's Domino
Ninja and Domino
Ninja av Khanikatt

Made by: Sissel J. Tjernstrøm