(N)Solstorm's Russian Rivers Litter, Born November 18th 2007

CH S*Ja Znaju Aztii Afanasievna was mated to IC Oliver Nostagie Beauty*RU, and together they had six beautiful kittens on November 18th! There are four boys, and two girls in the litter.

Oliver is a red macrel tabby male with a very nice temper, beautiful green eyes and a gorgeous profile. He is imported from Petrozavodsk in Russia, and brings completely new bloodlines to Scandinavia. He turned out to be a good match for our Aztii.

Both Aztii and Oliver are HCM scanned with normal hearts in 2007.

(N)Solstorm's Zeya Nostalgie

(N)Solstorm's Tom Nostalgie

12 weeks

(N)Solstorm's Ishim Nostalie

Ishim has moved to (N)Garmonia-cattery in Bergen/Norway. Maybe when he gets old enough he'll have some beautiful children of his own.

(N)Solstorm's Ravan Nostalgie

Ravan is black with beautiful green eyes. He is the most lovable little boy I've ever come across, and loves to sit on my shoulder and play with my hair.
Ravan will move to Tønsberg/Norway as a pet.

(N)Solstorm's Zeya Nostalgie

Zeya will moved to Bodø/Norway together with her sister Samara, where she will have a (N)Solstorm's litter when she gets old enough. She is such a little doll, and I'm looking forward to se how she turns out as an adult!

(N)Solstorm's Samara Nostalgie

Samara is so lovely with her green eyes and her tortie colouring. She has moved to Bodø/Norway as a pet. Maybe she'll be shown in cat shows too.

(N)Solstorm's Ob Nostalgie

Ob is staying in Harstad/Norway as a pet. In adition to his two-legged family, he has a few large dogs as his friends and playmates.

(N)Solstorm's Tom Nostalgie

Tom has moved to a friend of mine, and will live as a pet at (N)Fargo's cattery in Harstad/Norway together with three devons and an abyssinian. He will be shown in catshows, and the first is at Trønderkatten in march.
Proud Parents Are:
CH S*Ja Znaju Aztii Afanasievna, and IC Oliver Nostalgie Beauty*RU

CH S*Ja Znaju Aztii Afanasievna
(N)Solstorm's Ravan Nostalgie
IC Oliver Nostalgie Beauty*RU