(N)Solstorm's Instant Karma of Summer, (N)Solstorm's Monsoon av Vestavind and (N)Solstorm's Darkside of the Sun


Taiga and Summer had a beautiful litter of kittens on March 13th. There are three girls in this litter.

Summer is a heavily boned sibirian female, she has round lines all over and a very nice coat quality. She is young and still under developement, but all I know about her makes me hope this combination will be successful. Taiga has turned out to be a large, well boned and very handsome and masculin male.They both have a wonderful temperament, which I think and hope they will pass on to their kittens. Summer is my daughter Suzanas cat, and since Suzana got to meet the German popband "Tokio Hotel" recently, the kittens are named after songs from this band.

Both cats are HCM-tested with normal hearts in october 2009.

The inspiration for the names are songs by this band

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in a kitten from this combination.


Made by: Sissel Johansen