(N)Solstorm's Summer-litter

Teddy and Karma had a beautiful litter of kittens on March 12th. There were two girls and two boys in the litter.
We kept beautiful Magda - min Midtsommernattsdrøm from this litter. Sommerfuggel i Vinterland has moved to
NO*Lysefjordens Cattery in Bergen/Norway

(N)Solstorm's Indian Summer SIB d 09 24
(N)Solstorms's Ingen Sommer Uten Reggae SIB n 09 24
(N)Solstorm's Sommerfuggel i Vinterland SIB n 09
(N)Solstorm's Magda - min Midtsommernattsdrøm SIB f 09

Parents are CH (N)Solstorm's Instant Karma of Summer & IC FIN*Lumikissan X-Cellent


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Made by: Sissel Johansen