Meet the (N)Solstorms Cats


About Pusifer

Our dream boy with a father I have looked up to since he was a kitten and a stunning mother too. He Better be Good! 

His nick name is "Pusifer" and he lives in a foster home with 4 other cats, 4 children, 2 adults and a dog. Still he is the center of attention. At least he tries to be. 

He has a wonderful purrsonality and accepts sooo much from his family. His best friends are fostermum Synne and housecat Bagheeera (on the picture). 

Pusifer will be used for my breeding only 

Thank you Kari for letting me buy this treasure, and Synne w/family for fostering and loving him 

(N)CarilloCat Better be Good!

Colour: SIB n 09 22 

Born: 11.11.19

Mother: NW SC (N)CarilloCat Dobronega DVM

Father: SC Kedr Onix Gloria*RU DVM DSM

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