Meet the (N)Solstorms Cats


About Saga

GIC (N)Solstorms Bali Chamba

Colour: SIB fs 03

Born 21.08.17

Mother: IC (N)Solstorms Kitty Purry

Father: (N)Solstorms Moi Moi Matti

HCM normal 16.10.18 and 27.09.2019

PKD def - negativ

Bloodtype A or AB. Carries bloodtype B

Cs-gene negative

Carries dillution

Does not carry chocolate or cinnamon

Mother of E2-litter

Saga is a girl from a litter of four after Kitty Purry and Matti both from my own breeding.

There were two girls in the litter and they were both stunning. It was hard to chose, but since I am a sucker for calicos I decided to keep Saga... Her sister goes for breeding in another cattery.

Saga has many beautiful (N)Solstorms Cats in her pedigree, and I am soooo happy to get such a beautiful girl to continue the (N)Solstorms-line.



Title: Grand. Int. Champion

11  x NOM

4 x BIV

3 x NOM +  BIS