(N)Solstorms Cats in breeding and show

This page is dedicated to (N)Solstorms Cats sold to breeding and/or Show.

They have all made me proud

I am trying to follow up on titles, show results and HCM-results, but the information may be lacking in some cases.

IC (N)Solstorms King of Hearts




Best club cat

Title: IC

(N)Solstorms Queen of Taiga

1 x BIV

1 x NOM

(N)Solstorms Bayangi

Sold to cattery...

1 x BIV

1 x NOM

(N)Solstorms Queen of Charm

Sold to Cattery NO*Sjarmkatten

2 x BIV

1 x NOM

SW'17 (N)Solstorms Kiitos Tiina

Sold to cattery NO*Fredtun

1 x BIV

3 x NOM

1 x BIS

Title: Scandinavian Winner

(N)Solstorms P.S. I Love You

Sold to cattery NO*Perfect Lady's


2 x NOM

1 x BIS

CH (N)Solstorms From Russia With Love

Sold to cattery NO*Sjarmkatten's

2 x NOM

Title: Champion

CH (N)Solstorms Primrose

Sold to Cattery S*gullåkras

2 x NOM

Title: Champion

SC (N)Solstorms Isak Taiganov

Sold to Cattery NO*Tundrapaw's

2 x NOM

3 x BIV

(N)Solstorms Sommerfuggel i Vinterland

Sold to Cattery NO*Lysefjordens

2 x NOM

(N)Solstorms Sirocco of Gré des Vents

Sold to cattery au Gré des Vents in Montreal/Canada

Title: CCA Champion

Made 2 rings all breed 9th best and 10th best and 1 ring longhair 3rd best

At his first catshow in Canada

(N)Solstorms Darkside of the Sun

Sold to Cattery NO*Blåbykatten

1 x BIV