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SC FIN*Amante's King of Taiga, SIB n 23

Taiga, November 2010 General:

  • Male
  • Date of Birth: 02.09.07
  • Shire: EC Gordey Sant-Andre, SIB a 23
  • Dam: CH FIN*Amante's Gloriosa, SIB n 23


  • HCM
    December 17th 2008: Normal
    October 21st 2009: Normal
    July 6th 2011: Normal

    Pedigree and genetics:
  • Colourpoint (cs-gene): CC - non carrier (DNA tested)
  • Heterozygot agouti
  • Dillution carrier
  • Pawpeds

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  • Nightmare
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  • Isak
  • Salvia

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  • (N)Neofelis
  • Holskogen(N)
  • NO*Fredtun
  • S*Laxforsen's

    Taiga is a real laid back sibirian male, so full of himself. He has a ton of purrsonality and self-confidence. He has chosen me (Sissel) as his special person, and is following me around the house, ready to jump up into my lap as soon as I sit down. I think he sees himself as a tiny Russian Wulfhound sometimes... He so much love to give, and is so attention seeking, you can't help falling deeply in love with him!

    He is one of a litter of six boys from Amante's Cattery in Finland. His breeder, Merja Tolonen, is a breeder with a lot of knowledge about the sibirian breed, and I'm really thankful she'd let me buy Taiga. Because of the strict import rules in Norway he came to live with us when he was 8 months old. Still, already after a few days it seemed like he had been living with us since he was a kitten. He is quite a large boy, and his fur has a really beautiful warm colourtone. He also has the most gorgeous green eyes.

    Taiga has been our breeding male. He has a lot of wonderful traditional sibirians in the pedigrèe, actually his grandfather Gelious Onix Gloria was used as a reference when the standard for siberians was written, and both his grandparents on his fathers side were presented to the GA when the breed was suggested for recognition in FIFè. They were regarded as top representants of FIFè Siberians at that time. Not surprisingly Taiga has a very good type too, and with him his good looks only improves over the years. He has had three (N)Solstorm's litters + four litter outside our cattery, and has fathered wonderful kittens.

    He has done quite well in shows. He got his Fifè Supreme Champion title in April 2011 as the first cat in our cattery to achieve this title. At the BERAK show in Bergen february 2010 he was Best in Show for the first time, and we are so proud of him! He loves shows, and will be shown also as a neuter. His purrsonality and his wonderful temperament are his best assets, and I love my King of Taiga.

    FIN*Amante's King of Taiga - Parents

    Taigas stunningly beautiful dad, EC Gordey Sant-Andrè. Photo by Merja Tolonen, FIN*Amante's Taigas beautiful mother, CH Amante's Gloriosa. Photo by Merja Tolonen, FIN*Amante's


    Made by: Sissel Johansen